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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Why hello there fall! We meet again. You are my favorite time of year with pumpkin spiced everything and the return of cooler weather. I cannot wait to take out my favorite sweaters and start baking all of my favorite fall treats. This might be awhile since I live in Phoenix, AZ, but I will still rock my cozy sweaters and boots in 90 degree weather! Hahahaha! I feel like summer went by in a blink of an eye. There was so much that happened, that I didn’t have time to blog about it.

Like how I was a wedding planner/coordinator, how I styled two fashion shows, and then hosted a fashion show. I am not even going to mention my list of food creations that I have been wanting to share, blue corn scones anyone?  I also met a lot creative people who allowed me to be part of their creative projects! Why the heck am I not sharing these things with you??? Well time is the reason… it’s not the greatest reason, but with work, travel, and life. Sitting down and writing out all of this is very time consuming! A big high five and hug to all those amazing bloggers, who blog not once, but twice or more a week! Please tell me all your secrets! Hahahaha!

This past summer I really explored different areas of my creativity.  However, with that exploration, it also turned into not sharing these wonderful experiences with you. In my 2017 year goals I made a goal to blog more. I try to share as much as I can through Instagram or through Instagram stories, but I feel like I could do a lot better. I have done a lot of interesting things these past few months that a lot of you may be interested in. There may be an aspiring fashion stylist or someone looking for Navajo wedding ideas. I have also met and have been inspired by so many creative artists, designers, and photographers, I should be sharing it with all of you. So with the change in seasons, I will have more time to dedicate to The Fancy Navajo Blog and I am making it a priority to blog more. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some exciting new things with The Fancy Navajo blog.  Also a huge thank you to everyone who reads it! You all are AWESOME!

Here are some pictures I did with Shannon Begay of Shanrose Photography with makeup by Rosy Pascual earlier this summer! These pictures seemed fitting for the end of summer. Shannon coordinated this 70’s styled shoot which transplanted all of us back in time.  Go give both of these talented ladies a follow. We did a few other looks, but I think I’ll wait to share these for Halloween. We created some very cute 70’s looks that would be perfect for Halloween!

 Thanks Shannon and Rosy!


Groovy Fancy Navajo – Shanrose Photography
Eyelashes and Turquoise Dreams – Shanrose Photography
Bye Summer – Shanrose Photography


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  1. You are quite a natural in front of a camera.. Your photography is great.. Fall is my favorite too..I worked with Navajo youth for two years in Utah. It was wonderful because they had a case worker that loved them and we did so many fun things.. It was a very memorable experience..

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