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Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial – Fancy Navajos in the Glittering World

Never let anyone dull your sparkle! Or your glitter eye shadow! Okay… I added that last part. From nail polish to accessories, the more sparkle the better is my motto! But how do you transfer this glitter obsession into your makeup without looking like a disco ball (although that would actually be pretty cool…*jots down note for future blog post*)?

Glitter, glitter, glitter!

See when it comes to makeup, I am not very good at applying makeup. To be honest, I didn’t start wearing a full face of makeup until my early 20’s. It just wasn’t that big of deal, like it is nowadays.  Growing up in the 90’s, there wasn’t YouTube to show you how to do a smokey eye or let alone how to choose the right foundation. I just kind of winged it, or I sprayed glitter body spray on myself and called it day! Hahahaha…anyone remember those glitter body sprays from the 90’s?? Recently, I have noticed a resurgence in the 90’s glitter trend, but it is more refined and elegant. Not so frosty lipped, Britney Spears circa 2000’s. Thank goodness!!

Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

If you are a Fancy Navajo then you probably have heard of Hannah or Itshannahduhhhhh on Instagram. If not, where have you been?? Hannah is the Sparkle Makeup Queen.  She effortlessly puts together the most AWESOME and GORGEOUS makeup looks which include lots and lots of glitter!!! She also artfully drenches people in glitter and takes the most dazzling photographs of it (no disco balls here)!!!! Say what?? She also has the most hilarious Insta Stories. I love her so much!! When Hannah and I first met, we geeked out about one of favorite YouTubers, The Fashion Citizen, who are local AZ YouTubers. I knew it was love at first sparkle!! We had to do a collaboration which included GLITTER!!!

Hannah AKA The Sparkle Makeup Queen

Since I’m not makeup savvy, I asked Hannah if she could show me a simple glittery eye makeup look. Something every Fancy Navajo (or Native) needs to know. You know, for those fancy trips to the flea market. Nothing says “fancy” like biting into a mutton sandwich with glitter eyes! I wanted something simple and affordable, that anyone could recreate. I adore how Hannah uses affordable makeup products.  Any time I ask about her latest look and products used, she always amazes me when she replies with a non expensive makeup brand like NYX and Wet’n’Wild. It just goes to show that you don’t need to break the bank to look good!

I am looking forward to trying out this simple glitter eye makeup on my own! I hope you enjoy this mini tutorial and if you don’t already give Hannah a follow on Instagram and check out her blog! If you do try this look please use #TheFancyNavajo or tag me in a picture on Instagram or Facebook.

Love at first sparkle – Easy Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

Products Used:

Click on images to shop:

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  1. Prime eyelids with eye shadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion)
  2. Using a natural brown eye shadow (Morphe 350 Eye Palette), cover entire eyelid and smoke out eye shadow
  3. Take a brown shimmered eye shadow (L’oreal Infallible Eye Shadow) and apply on eyelid only
  4. Now for the glitter!!! We used 3 types of glitter in differing glitter sizes and colors (fine, medium, and coarse) to add more depth to this look. Each time we applied the glitter you will use a little bit of the glitter primer (NYX Glitter Primer). Take a little bit of the glitter primer on your finger and apply the glitter. We started with the finer glitter (Starcrushed Minerals), Medium Glitter (NYX Glitter Brillants) and built our way up to the coarse glitter (Craft Glitter).

The phases of glitter

Fancy Navajos in the Glittering World

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