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Sisters Supporting Sisters – We The Inspired

Since I’ve been blogging I’ve met so many wonderful and inspiring women, who have supported me on my social media journey. From advice, to coffee meet ups, to commenting on my posts. Even though, some I have never met in real life, while others have become my best friends. All of these women have left positive impressions on my life. We The Inspired (WTI) reached out to me a few months ago to be part of their new website launch, which is to “create a positive collective of inspirational indigenous people, and challenge the current discourse.” If you are a follower of The Fancy Navajo then you know we are all about positivity and creating a world of vibrant, successful, resilient, and happy Native people. So I was thrilled when Nadia George, the founder of Canadian Based company WTI reached out and let me pick out an item from their online shop.

The shop is described as, “From Urban Street to Native Chic,” and offers a variety of t-shirts, scarfs, notebooks, and mugs, that will appeal to anyone’s taste! Also 10% of their annual sales will be donated to the We Matter Campaign, which helps indigenous youth know they matter. The shirt I chose, has a simple statement that resonated with me as soon as I saw it. It has “Sisters Supporting Sisters” on it and it made me reflect on all of the inspiring and supportive women in my life this past year. Each one is achieving their goals, thriving, and are more than willing to lend a helping hand if needed.

Today I want to highlight some of the Native women I met this past year, who took time out our their busy lives to meet, collaborate, and inspire me. They all come from a variety of backgrounds and if you are looking for other inspiring women to follow, go check out their social media pages, read their blogs, buy something from their shops, or book them for your next event. If we want to make a change in the world, why not start in our local communities and support or fellow sisters.

  • Jennifer Hubbell (Photographer) – AZ Based photographer, who takes the most stunning photography. She also takes my outfit photos for my blog. Website here.
  • RedStreak Girl (Blogger) – AZ based Native fashion blogger, who just released her pindigenous pin collection. Website here.
  • Rainboe/RainboeKisses (Instagrammer/Foodie) – AZ based Instagrammer who shares her local food find and takes colorful pictures. Instagram here.
  • NaiomiGlasses (Instagrammer) – Fellow instagrammer who is an incredible weaver who shares her daily life on the Navajo reservation. Instagram here.
  • Inspired By Diné Bizaad (Shop) – Planners, stickers, totes, and t-shirts in Diné Bizaad (Navajo Language). Shop here.
  • Hannah/itshannahduh (Photographer/Makeup Artist) – AZ based photographer and makeup artist who creates the most colorful and glittery looks. Instagram here.
  • Carmen Selam/yakamanche (Artist) – Creates the most eye catching artwork. Instagram here.
  • Shannon/shanrose87 (Blogger/Photographer) – NM based Photographer and fellow native fashion blogger.
  • Beverly Blacksheep (Artist) – Creates colorful artwork and incorporates Navajo culuture. If you follow my Instagram stories, most of my mugs were made by here. Instagram here.

This list could keep going, there are so many of you wonderful ladies out there who inspire me. A huge thanks to We the Inspired (WTI) for sending me the shirt which helped me to reflect on this past year. Give WTI a follow on their Instagram and go check out their website.  And THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your support and helping me to build my community of sisters!! If you don’t already follow me on Instagram and Facebook.