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A Fancy Western Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

I recently did a photoshoot with my Instagram bestie/photographer, Jennifer Hubbell, a couple of weeks ago for a brand that I am excited to be partnering with. The photos turned out AMAZING and I cannot wait to share them. I will be releasing the blog post soon, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some “behind the scenes” of a Fancy Navajo photoshoot!

That’s a wrap! – Me and Jennifer Hubbell

When taking blog pictures I think it is important to tell a story.  You also want the right photographer to capture it! Since Jennifer and I both have similar aesthetics of colorful and bright photography, she is my go to gal for blog photoshoots! She is also so fun and easy to work with. So for this photoshoot I wanted an old western feel. I asked Jen if she knew anywhere around the Phoenix area and she was right on top of it and suggested a closed down motel in Mesa, AZ, Buckhorns Natural Bath Motel. It was the perfect location!

Sneak Peek at Buckhorn Baths Hotel in Mesa AZ – Jennifer Hubbell Photography

Once the location and theme are picked, I plan out my looks. This can take a few days to a couple of weeks. It is mostly dependent on whether or not I can use existing items in my accessories closet or if I need to purchase new items. Luckily for this shoot, I could use items I already had in my closet which is a plus for me, but also means that some of the items I share will no longer be available in the store. I think that is one of the hardest part of being a fashion blogger. Most unique items sell out quickly or have been a part of my personal collection for years. But the focus of this shoot was with the brand, so I knew the dresses would be the focal point!

It’s all in the details – Jennifer Hubbell Photography

Lights, camera, action! Since Jen and I both live in the Phoenix area and it’s the summer time, we had to make this an early morning photoshoot at 5:30 AM!!!  Which meant that I had to wake up even earlier to prepare for the day.  But in the name of fashion, I will gladly wake up at 4 am any day!  I was also thankful that Jen was willing to wake up early that day too. I guess that is why I can say she is my Instagram bestie! Thanks Jen!

The photoshoot was going well and we were onto our last look, until Jen and I were busted! Since the hotel is closed, the grounds keeper who we named, Roy, came speeding along in his old Ford Truck asking what we were doing?! We kept it cool and after Roy gave us a history lesson about the Motel, he let us continue the last look for our photoshoot. He even suggested locations on the property that we should check out! We got lucky this time, he could have easily asked us to leave. Thanks Roy!!

The Fancy Navajo – Jennifer Hubbell Photography
Navajo Sash Belt Clutch – Jennifer Hubbell Photography

The look I am sharing today was not part of the brand collaboration,  but it was a dress that I have worn numerous times this summer and it fit the Western theme. I picked it up at Old Navy on clearance for $25, it was a steal! So of course I wanted to share it with you before it sold out! I styled the dress with a Navajo Sash belt, which Jen so kindly helped me put on.  I have only ever put on a Navajo Sash belt once or twice in my life. I have always relied on my mom to help put on a sash belt, perhaps a future blog post on how to put on a Navajo Sash belt? Let me know what you think?  I also paired the dress with some brown chunky block heeled sandals that I have had for a couple of years from Charming Charlie. All of the jewelry was made by my hubby, Turquoise Hogan. I picked up the sash belt clutch from a powwow vendor in Globe, AZ and the sash belt from Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprises. The cream floral scarf was from the Tuba City Trading Post.

My favorite shot that day – Jennifer Hubbell Photography

I loved how the look came together! I am a big fan of movement shots like dancing and twirling. So Jen captured that well in this dress. We also did some artsy shots with my hair and the scarf. I also included a bouquet of Navajo Tea that I picked up at the Gallup Flea Market. I was a Fancy Navajo on her way back from the market. Along the way this included dancing and makeup touchups! This had to be one of my favorite looks that day!

Just got back from the market – Jennifer Hubbell Photography
Bouquet of Navajo Tea – Jennifer Hubbell Photography
Fancy feet – Jennifer Hubbell Photography
Just Dance – Jennifer Hubbell Photography

Around 7:30 am we were done and were in desperate need of coffee so we stopped at a local coffee shop in Gilbert, AZ, cleverly called, The Coffee Shop. Jen snapped a few pictures while we were waiting for our coffee. I think this could double as my future Navajo Nation President photo!


Dress: Old Navy Here  Similar styles from Old Navy, Macy’s and Off & 5th

Shoes: Charming Charlie (Sold Out) Similar style from Nordstrom and Vince Camuto

Navajo Sash Belt: Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise

Navajo Sash Belt Clutch: Local Vendor at Powwow

Floral Scarf: Tuba City Trading Post

Jewelry: Personal Collection from Turquoise Hogan Here

Styling: Alana Yazzie, The Fancy Navajo

Photography: Jennifer Hubbell