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Ama Sani Scarves – JG Indie

As I mentioned in my yearly blog goals, I want to share more fashion posts on the blog, especially native fashion. So what better way than to begin with one of my favorite Native fashion brands, JG Indie. If your an avid follower of my daily “outfit of the day” or #OOTD on Instragram, then you are well aware of my obsession with JG Indie!

I first heard about the brand JG Indie, a couple of years ago when he showed his collection at New York Fashion week. I loved the designs and I needed to see this collection in person! One day I was lucky to run into the Dine designer, Jolonzo Goldtooth, at a local powwow and quickly fell in love with the brand.

The brand screams FANCY NAVAJO!! It is as if this collection was made for me! A modern day Dine (Navajo) woman who loves bright colors, native grandma scarves, and feminine silhouettes. Very reminiscent of shimásání’s (my grandma’s) style! Growing up I loved seeing her in pastel colored pleated skirts, blouses, and sneakers. She effortlessly looked chic as she woke up at dawn to make breakfast (KNDN blaring in the background of course) or when she went out to herd sheep. As an adult, I try to emulate her style into my everyday wardrobe. Although I haven’t tried sneakers with my skirts yet, she is my style icon! Who is your style icon?

One of the first JG Indie pieces I purchased was the Ama Sani Scarf Dress. It was a dress for all occasions. Dressed up or dressed down, I have gotten so many uses out of it. Paired with a denim jacket (with a turquoise sheep pin of course), fun shoes, and sunglasses this dress is sure to spark a conversation. The addiction had started and I wanted more!


Ama Sani Scarf Dress by JG Indie, Old Navy Denim Jacket, Turquoise Hogan Jewelry

So I ordered an Ama Sani Scarf skirt, that I thought would be a fun addition to my work wardrobe. Paired with a bold blouse and fun pink heels, this look could get me through any Wednesday “Hump Day.” I also love how JG Indie caters to all body types! I’m 5’1ft and I always have trouble finding clothes that fit my height. So having this made to fit at the right knee length, makes this skirt even more perfect!


Ama Sani Skirt by JG Indie, Pink Sandals Forever 21, Turquoise Jewelry by Turquoise Hogan


The next dress I ordered, I saw at JG Indie’s Totah Benefit fashion show this past February.  As soon as I saw this blush dress with a native grandma scarf neck tie detail come down the runway, I knew I needed it! It would be perfect for any special occasion! Put on some fancy gold shoes, pink sunglasses, and fun a tote bag. This dress would be perfect to wear at a wedding. Or if you are a FancyNavajo, you may just wear it to the farmers market with your “Urban Indian” Shopping tote!!


Dress by JG Indie, Urban Indian Shopping Tote by TheFancyNavajo, Turquoise Jewelry by Turquoise Hogan


I just adore this brand and I am always excited to see what new pieces JG Indie will create! I recently saw a grandma scarf cape dress by JG Indie that I need in my life!
I also love supporting Native fashion designers! Since I started this blog, I have made a greater effort to purchase more native designed clothing! It’s important we support these native designers. They are bringing diversity to the fashion world, where more than often native fashion is being appropriated. Who are some of your favorite Native American fashion designers?

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Dresses: All JG Indie linked above

Jewelry: Turquoise Hogan

Photography: Jennifer Hubbell