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Fall Trends: Velvet – Fancy Navajo in the City

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Cooler temperatures mean boots and sweaters to keep you warm on those cool crisp fall days. However, when you live in Phoenix, AZ, fall means wearing your fall favorites in 90 degree weather! Lol. So I’ve had to adjust my fall wardrobe over the years to adjust to the hotter temperatures, but also satisfy all of my favorite fall fashion trends.

Over the next few posts, I will be highlighting my favorite fall fashion trends for 2017: velvet (or velour), metallics, sherpa, and pleated skirts. Of course turquoise jewelry is a year round staple, so just know it’s one of the best accessories to bring a pop of color to your outfit.  These posts will show how I styled my recent collaboration with Yellow House Bags in my previous blog post. If you haven’t read it, go read it now here.  I’m calling these looks my Fancy Navajo in the City looks! The perfect outfits for the Fancy Navajo’s who live in the city or a fun night on the town!

The IG (Instagram) bestie and I went to a Fall Fashion Report with the Fashion Group International of Arizona during the late spring. It was my first time attending a formal fashion association event, which was a room full of fashionistas, young and old. We watched an hour long video that highlighted the fall fashion trends based on Fall Fashion week (NYC and Paris). It was so interesting to see all of the different fashion, which ranged from sleek to chic, to bold and bizarre! Afterwards, we had a discussion about our favorite and least favorite trends. It was interesting to hear what everyone had to say, and the IG bestie and I almost jumped out of our seats when someone said they didn’t like velvet! Any fancy Navajo knows, that velvet is a Navajo fashion staple. But everyone in the room agreed, that higher end velvet was coveted, but cheaper knock off like velour, could be a bit tacky. Lol.

Lets begin!

Velvet (Velour)  – This has to be one of my favorite trends this fall. Everywhere you look this season, you will see velvet tops, pants, and even shoes! I like finding velvet used in unique ways like shoes or in a fun vibrant color like this bright fuchsia dress. I also like finding unique details, like the bow detail on my blouse below.

As a Fancy Navajo, velvet is a coveted item that is worn with traditional Navajo attire. Navajo grandma’s are the real trendsetters here right?  So to see it used in other ways than a velvet blouse, makes me so excited!  Although, do understand that most “velvet” pieces in stores today are velour. Think Juicy Couture velour track suites from the 90’s. Perhaps a longer blog post is needed to discuss this. But in the meantime this was a useful article to explain the difference here.

Let me know your favorite look or trend in the comments! I have also linked where to buy all of these pieces.  Some of these are on sale, so get them before they are gone! Just click on the PINK “here” links below so we can be twins!

Outfit 1:

Blouse – Simply Styled Petites’ Velour top – Find at Sears here  Under $20!

Skirt – Old skirt from Forever 21 – Similar style here.

Shoes – Candie’s Fans Women’s High Heel Ankle Boots – Find at Kohl’s here

Purse – Yellow House Bags

Jewelry: Turquoise Hogan

Outfit 2: 

Dress: Velvet Surplice Wrap Dress – Find at Forever 21 here Under $20!

Boots: From H&M no longer sold. Similar style here

Wallet: Yellow House Bags

Jewelry: Earrings by Meek Watchman, Bow Necklace and ring Turquoise Hogan

Photography by Jennifer Hubbell

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