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Good Bye 2016, Yá’át’ééh 2017!

Wow a new year already? As I get older it seems like time flies by!  2016 was a great year. It included meeting Instagram friends who turned into real friends, fancy fashion shows, collaborating with awesome Native American brands, yummy food, and a lot of fun outfits!

When I started this blog a couple of years ago, I never imagined what it would transpire to. What started out as an outlet to express my creativity has built a small community of like minded Fancy Navajo’s. I’ve met so many wonderful and inspiring people along the way! And I’m super thankful for all your support! I am excited to continue The Fancy Navajo journey in 2017!

This year I wanted to share some of my 2017 goals and it’s also one of those things that if I write it down and tell the world, I kind of have to accomplish them. Right?! And perhaps we share some common goals.

  1. Blog more: If you have ever blogged, then you understand the struggle of consistently blogging. I call myself a “sometimes” blogger because I blog every 2 to 3 months! It’s easy to come up with an idea to write about, it’s just a matter of sitting down and executing the post! So this year I’m going to take more time to share the things I love.
  2. Share my recipes: This relates to the first goal. I love to experiment with recipes and try new foods! I get a lot of questions about the Navajo food I post on Instagram.  So this year I would like to incorporate more how to make Navajo foods (blue corn pancakes anyone?) and of course share new recipes.
  3. Make my own amasani (grandma) skirt: This has been a goal for quite awhile. A few years ago I was really into sewing. I made a lot of fun clothes, mostly skirts. Somewhere along the way I stopped sewing. Okay truth… I didn’t like sewing in zippers! Am I the only one who struggles with zippers? Hahaha! So what’s a grandma skirt? It’s basically a three tiered skirt with an ELASTIC band worn by Navajo Grandmas! If I’m brave enough I’ll also conquer my fear of sewing in zippers this year too!
  4. Continue to buy more Native American fashion: This was actually a big goal for me last year. I gravitated more toward Navajo/Southwestern fashion designers. This year I want to incorporate more native fashion into  my wardrobe and discover new native brands! It’s so important to support Native American fashion designers and I encourage you too! I’ll post more about my favorite designers later! In the meantime, who are some of your favorite Native American fashion designers?

So helloooo 2017!! Be on the look out for more blogs posts about food and fashion with a Fancy Navajo flair!