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The Fancy Navajo Hat

Now that summer is here I usually spend more time outside enjoying the sun. This year I’m trying to be more cautious about protecting my skin from sun damage. So that means wearing more sunscreen, sunglasses, AND hats!!

I never realized how fun hats could be and I wanted to put my own personal flair on it. Because if I made it, then I’ll most likely wear it more often! Hahaha…. This was probably the most simplest DIY project I’ve done. It took less than 5 minutes to complete and I am in LOVE with the finished product!!

So here are the items you’ll need:

  • Hat of choice (preferably one with a wide base) I purchased mine from Joann’s Fabric Store for less than $10 using a coupon
  • Scarf ( this is wear you can really get fancy! I’m loving the native granny hanky/scarfs, so naturally that was my choice and they come in so many colors. I got mine from a powwow)
  • Optional brooch or pendant (you can jazz up the hat with your favorite pin or brooch, there is a huge resurgence in this trend. Naturally I chose a sheep pendant made from hubby)

Then for the assembly:

  • Fold the scarf into a long strip, long enough to tie it into a bow or knot witch will serve as a band around the hat base.
  • Then add your brooch or pin and voila you are done!!

Then afterwards wear your Navajo Hat everywhere and change it up throughout the summer! Nizhoni (beautiful)!!

If you make one, please #TheFancyNavajo!